Miss S - Perth's own Latex and Fetish model

 About Me

Hi I’m Miss S and welcome to my site.  I like to dress in rubber and I thought I’d share my like of rubber.  I’m into a number of fetishes.  My favourites being, high heels, boots and stockings.  I love shoes.  It’s my dream one day to have a large bookshelf full of all my shoes so I can see them all at once.  My partner has helped me collect an array of cool and different shoes.

I shoot exclusively with Warped Photography.  I find Wayne to be very professional and an incredibly creative person to work with.

I like the feeling of rubber and how it compliments my shape.  I like the effect of corsets and how they pull me in and restrict me in some way.  Black and red are the colours that dominate my rubber wardrobe.  I also have a collection of hoods.  You will always see me hooded, as I like to keep Miss S separate from my personal life.  This allows me to express myself in a different way so I can openly express my fetishes